Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yield Posts Redux

Resident Expert and FDOT guru Mary Anne Koos set me straight on the YIELD sign issue. It turns out that the standard has been to put the YIELD sign before the crosswalk in slip lanes.

I'll have to watch what they do at new intersections. Here's what Mary Anne had to say:

In 2003 I believe, the MUTCD was revised to direct placement in advance of the first bar of the crosswalk in those right slip lanes, not at the point where traffic would merge into the new lane. There isn't any expectation that someone will run out and change all the existing signs, but when signs are replaced, they
should be located as the current MUTCD indicates.

Section 2B.10 YIELD Sign Placement
The YIELD sign shall be installed on the right side of the approach to which it applies. YIELD signs shall be placed on both the left and right sides of approaches to roundabout intersections with more than one lane on the signed approach where raised splitter islands are available on the left side of the approach.

When the YIELD sign is installed at this required location and the sign visibility is restricted, a Yield Ahead sign (see Section 2C.29) shall be installed in advance of the YIELD
sign. The YIELD sign shall be located as close as practical to the intersection it regulates, while optimizing its visibility to the road user it is intended to regulate.

YIELD signs and STOP signs shall not be mounted on the same post.

Other than a DO NOT ENTER sign, no sign should be mounted back-to-back with a YIELD sign in a manner that obscures the shape of the YIELD sign.

Section 2A.16 contains additional information about separate and combined mounting of other signs with YIELD signs.

Yield lines, when used to supplement a YIELD sign, should be located at a point where the road user should yield (see Section 3B.16).

Where two roads intersect at an acute angle, the YIELD sign should be positioned at an angle, or shielded, so that the legend is out of view of traffic to which it does not apply.

Page 2B-10 2003 Edition
Sect. 2B.10 to 2B.13
Except at roundabout intersections, where there is a marked crosswalk at the intersection, the YIELD sign should be installed in advance of the crosswalk line nearest to the approaching traffic.

At a roundabout intersection, to prevent circulating vehicles from yielding unnecessarily, the face of the YIELD sign should not be visible from the circulatory roadway.

At wide-throat intersections or where two or more approach lanes of traffic exist on the signed approach, observance of the yield control may be improved by the installation of an additional YIELD sign on the left side of the road and/or the use of a yield line. At channelized intersections, the additional YIELD sign may be effectively placed on a channelizing island.

Mary Anne Koos
Special Projects Coordinator
Roadway Design
Florida Dept. of Transportation
Tallahassee, Fl 32399


Anonymous Anonymous said...

and why exactly can't the existing ones be changed?

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and why exactly can't the existing (wrong) ones be changed?

2:41 PM  
Blogger hoodwalker said...

Good question. I'm sure they could be changed, but it's a low priority and it's probably not going to happen for a very long time. No harm in asking the people responsible, though.

6:52 AM  
Blogger hoodwalker said...

The Multimodal Advisory Committee that advises the CRTPA will have this on its next meeting agenda. They are being asked to write letters to the agencies that they work with (Cities and Counties within the CRTPA area and FDOT) to request upgrades in these intersections.

9:49 AM  

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