Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Carfree Database is a searchable database of cities from the 2000 census and the 1990 census. You can search by state and by range of population, and it will give you a table with % bike commuters, % pedestrian commuters, % public transit commuters, total % non-car commuters (sum of bike/ped/transit), and % households without an automobile.

It is *really* interesting to sort and compare (it is VERY easy to use). If you try it, see what happens when looking at all places vs. comparing "likes," e.g., cities (or towns) of certain population ranges. It's also very interesting to look at all the commute modes -- what are the public transit rates like in places with high bike commuter %s , and vice versa?

And trends, 1990 vs. 2000. etc. I know we all know about the data, it's just that I hadn't see it so readily accessible elsewhere.

Here are some stats on Tallahassee.