Thursday, August 24, 2006

What Drives Us

The tally is in for our annual bloodbath by motor vehicles.

In 2005 the bloodshed hit a 15 year high. 43,443 of my fellow Americans made the ultimate sacrifice to our four wheeled Moloch. Nice. I find NHTSA's slogan ironic: "People Saving People".
Their mission is laudable:

Our mission: Save lives, prevent injuries, reduce vehicle-related
They just don't seem to be very effective. I suppose I can't blame the people of the agency. I imagine in a government environment that is hostile to safety and regulation and is funded by big automobile manufacturers, they are probably funded far less than they would like to be.

I debated the relevance of this post to BikeWalk Network and what it wants to do for our community and I realized that this is one of the primary focuses of bicycle and pedestrian advocacy. By making ourselves visible and accepted users of the transportation infrastructure we help to save lives. We do a lot of other good things, but saving lives is a good, solid motivation.


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