Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sharrow the Road!

Sharrow the Road!

Sections of Call Street without bike lanes now sport the sharrow marking, big and bold in the road. You can't tell the scale of it by the photo, but it's the width of half a travel lane. Motorists will definitely see the sharrow, but will they know what it means? The city is planning an educational event to try to spread the word on sharrows.

The sharrow is a big deal for Tallahassee because it is not considered standard. It's not adopted in the MUTCD as an approved pavement marking. Yet. Getting non-standard pavement markings or signs installed is a tough sell with the city.

Look for more sharrows coming to Virginia Street and Jackson Bluff.


Blogger hoodwalker said...

Looks like Sharrows may soon be in the MUTCD after all. Check it out here and here.

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Rob said...

Wow! Thats almost unthinkable in TallyTown. I lived there from 99-05 and it was down right very dangerous in parts to ride. I almost got taken out a number of times on Park ave between work and uni that I started being a sidewalk jerk. Oh well.

Good luck with that.

Dunno how it is in Wa-kill-ya County. The ClerkofCourts was always reasonable in most ways but he doesn't make the policy he just has the purse.

10:38 PM  
Blogger hoodwalker said...

hey rob,
You ought to come back and see the place. Still a lot of wild student drivers near FSU, but most of Tallahassee is pretty ridable if you know which streets to use.

3:10 AM  
Blogger Tanja said...

Hi! Can I borrow the sharrow-picture for an essay? I'm researching new words in English and sharrow is one of them, so I thought it would be nice to have a picture, too. Thanks!

6:16 AM  
Blogger hoodwalker said...

God dag Tanja,

You are welcome to use the picture. If you need higher resolution, let me know.

Lycka till

8:58 AM  
Blogger hoodwalker said...

Hey Tanja,

For other neologisms, check out if you haven't already.

9:04 AM  
Blogger Tanja said...

Thanks a lot! I've actually used WordSpy to pick out words ^^

8:39 AM  

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