Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Four E's: Revisited

We had a great meeting of the BikeWalk Network last night. We are working with the city to get an updated version of the "Getting Around By Bike" map. We have booked two bands for a fundraiser concert. The first annual BikeWalk Blues Fest is all set for October 8th at the Progressive Center, 1270 South Gadsden Street.

I started to talk about my intention to blog on the Four E's and I had a rude awakening. The other advocates told me the items listed in the Implementation Section of the Bike/Ped Master Plan for Education, Enforcement and Encouragement were just examples. The MPO had made no commitment to actually implement them. When I had read through the listed projects, I saw the headings like "Example Summary of Year One through Five Projects for BikeWalk Network"but I understood that to mean the projects were determined, but the goals and budget numbers were examples.

mea culpa.

Apparently what we got with the bike/ped master plan was a facilities plan. All of the policies and people are optional. So we skip over the first three E's for now and I'll jump right into Engineering in the next couple of days. The first four items in the Executive Summary are "Programs" and they are county-wide. They are 1) Access To Schools, 2) Education, Enforcement and Encouragement, 3) Signal, Intersection, and Striping Retrofit Program, and 4) Facility Inventory and Maintenance Program. Each has a budgeted cost, but who knows if that is an example or an actual recommendation accepted as part of the plan.

I'll take these on one at a time, summarize what the BPMP has to say and then try to evaluate what is happening with these programs.


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